Calakmul Ruins
Ancient Maya ruin in the heart of the mexican jungle

Journey with your guide Enrique to the heart of the Calakmul reserve: 700,000 hectares of jungle and home to a number of Maya ruins, including the impressive structure known as Mexico's tallest pyramid. A local guide who's an expert in archaeology. Observe the many local animals including monkeys and various species of birds. You'll begin at dawn with a walk in the jungle with birdwatching, followed by a visit to the Calakmul ruins with a local guide who's an expert in Maya history. 

* Being wild and in their natural habitats, seeing every animal is not guaranteed. 

Departure: 7 AM

Duration: 4 días

Languages: english and spanish

Group up to 4 people

Easy 24 hour cancellation policy

Included in the excursion

  • Local guide certified in fauna and flora, and archeology (English- and Spanish-speaking)

  • A walk in the jungle while observing the animals: jaguars, peacocks, spider monkeys, birds of mexico etc...

  • Tour of the Calakmul ruins with a certified guide

Make sur you bring

  • Sport shoes

  • Eco Friendly suncream
  • Hat/ cap
  • 1.5 liter of water
  • Binoculars (very important if you'd like to observe the animals)

🚙 Meeting point

Enrique will wait for you at the meeting point, located directly in front of the Calakmul reserve entrance. Street signs are very clearly marked on the main road between Campeche and Bacalar. We'll send you confirmation of your reservation and all of the details via email. 

🍃Ecotourism Initiative

Excursion in small groups with a local guide of Mayan origin

Photos of the excursion

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