Meeting Whales in Baja California
4 Giants, 1 Destination - In small Group

1 770 USD / pers. (base 4 pers.)
*Groups limited to 8 persons

Join a group of passionate people and go together on a journey to observe the various whale species that inhabit the waters of Baja California, while in the company of dedicated expert guides. You'll also have the opportunity to visit fishing villages on the Pacific coast and enjoy some moments of rest:

  • 3 species of whales: humpback, gray and blue whale;
  • The whale shark, largest fish in the world;
  • The villages of San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Adolfo López Mateos and Loreto;
  • The Balandra beach, voted Mexico's most beautiful beach of 2017.

2 Dates (8 or 22 of February)

7 Days / 6 Nights

Small groups of 4 to 8 persons

Language : English and Spanish

Possibility to book international flights


Private transportation in vans included

Your Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival to San José del Cabo

At your arrival, a taxi will take you to your hotel. You will then have time to wander in the center of San José del Cabo or even go to Cabo San Lucas.

Day 2 - Meet the Humpback Whale

The first day is dedicated to watching the humpback whale, considered one of the most dynamic species thanks to its impressive leaps out of the water. During your trip, you'll also most likely stumble onto some dolphins, rays, sea turtles and sea lions.


  • After a good breakfast, you'll take off with your guide to the Sea of Cortez and watch humpback whales, while alongside expert marine biologists.
  • You'll have two humpback whale-watching sessions lasting 2 hours each with an hour of rest in between, followed by lunch at a fabulous local restaurant where you'll enjoy some popular Mexican dishes.


  • Lunch: Various typical Mexican dishes.
  • Transportation to La Paz

Night at La Paz.

Day 3 - Meet the Whale Shark

On the 3rd day, you'll have the opportunity to swim with the famous whale shark... which is actually not a whale, but a fish belonging to the shark family! It's the biggest fish in the world and can reach 14 meters in length. Afterwards, you'll be able to relax at Balandra Beach, voted "Most Beautiful Beach in Mexico 2017".


  • After your breakfast, you will have the opportunity to swim with the biggest fish in the world, the majestic whale shark.


  • Lunch: Ceviche and seafood.

  • After lunch, you will leave for Playa Balandra, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, located near to La Paz. While there, you'll be able to unwind for a few hours before returning to the city of La Paz to visit the embankment and historic center.

Night at La Paz.

Day 4 - Meet the Gray Whale

The 4th day is dedicated to the friendly gray whale. This species is anything but shy and will get very close!


  • After breakfast you'll leave for the fishing village of Adolfo López Mateos, the gray whale sanctuary. Once you've dropped your luggage off at the hotel, you'll embark on a 2-hour gray whale-watching session in Magdalena Bay.


  • Lunch: Fish, shrimp and rice tacos or quesadillas for the vegan menu.

  • After enjoying a delicious meal, you'll get to relax a little before going back out to sea for another 2 hours of whale watching. At the end of the day, you'll enjoy a gorgeous sunset over Magdalena Bay before returning to Adolfo López Mateos.

Night at Adolfo López Mateos.

Day 5 - Meet again the Gray Whales

On Day 5, you'll meet up with your friends from the day before. You'll also explore the area surrounding Magdalena Bay, with its dunes and mangroves full of migratory birds. Your adventure will continue in the village of Loreto.


  • Like the day before, you will go to watch gray whales in the Magdalena Bay.


  • After a sandwich break, you'll walk among the dunes of Magdalena Bay and visit the nearby mangroves, home to many migratory birds.
  • Then you'll say farewell to the gray whales during the second 2-hour session at sea before visiting Loreto where you'll spend the night. You'll also have time to explore the village and dine at one of the lovely local restaurants.

Night at Loreto.

Day 6 - Meet the Blue Whale

The last day of observation is dedicated to watching the amazing blue whale. A real life behemoth, it is the world's largest animal. Exceeding 30 meters in length and weighing the equivalent of 20 adult elephants, this force of nature will leave you awe-struck as you end your adventure in style.


  • After your traditional breakfast, you will embark to the Loreto's Bay National Park to admire the largest animal on the planet: the blue whale.


  • Lunch: Guacamole and chicken tostadas.
  • You will be able to discover the surroundings during a nice walk, and will then have another 2 hours with the majestic blue whales before to go back to Loreto.
  • A goodbye dinner with your guide and your group will be organized to share on this incredible experience.

Night at Loreto.

Day 7 - Come back to Los Cabos

You will leave in the morning, back to Los Cabos, with several breaks including one to have a lunch before to arrive to the airport.

More Pictures of the Whale Watching Itinerary

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  • A part of the profit will go to the Sea Shepherd México association. This non-profit organization struggles for the protection of the marine fauna and flora in Mexico's and the world's oceans. Their actions include fighting illegal fishing, cleaning ecosystems, studying human impact on coral reefs, fighting animal captivity and more.
  • Expert local guides


What is included:

  • All terrestrial transferts from the airport to the airport (for you and your luggages)
  • Your English-speaking, marine biologist guide
  • Every whale watching activity
  • Life Jackets
  • Snorkeling equipment for the whale shark swim
  • Every breakfast
  • Every accommodation
  • Every lunch excepted the arrival day and the last day

What is not included:

  • International flights
  • Optional insurances
  • Dinners the evenings
  • Tips
  • Visits and purchases during your spare time
  • Extras

What to bring

  • Warm jackets and clothes
  • Eco-friendly solar protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Cameras (with water protection if you have one) / Go Pro
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel


Cell Phone / WhatsApp:
(+52) 1 442 379 7210
(+52) 1 55 7829 5047