Las Coloradas & Rio Lagartos
Among the mangroves, Maya mud bath, flamingos and the famous Las Coloradas

The paradise for birdwatching lovers 

Let Diego and his team of certified guides take you on a private boat tour deep into the heart of the fauna and flora of the Yucatán. 

Home to 397 bird species, the Río Lagartos ecosystem is a prime location for observing and getting to know these feathered creatures. Throughout the tour, your eyes will be treated to the visually delightful display of birds in flight, flamingo colonies and stretches of mangroves

You'll end the tour with a swim in the famous pink lake, better known as "Las Coloradas", followed by a Maya mud bath. 

* Being wild and in their natural habitats, seeing every animal is not guaranteed. 

Departure: 7 AM / 9AM o 3 PM

Duration: 3 hours

Languages: English and Spanish

Group of 1-6 people

Easy 24 hour cancellation policy 

Trip details

    • Local guide who's certified in fauna and flora

    • Tour of the mangroves with commentaries provided about the ecosystem: vegetation, different species of birds and other animals that populate the reserve

    • Observing flamingos in the bio-reserve

    • Maya mud bath

    • Las Coloradas visit

Make sure you bring

  • Eco Friendly suncream
  • Hat/ cap
  • Agua
  • Binoculars (very important if you'd like to observe the animals) 

🚙 Meeting point

Paco or Diego will wait for you at the meeting point, located directly on the pier near the Ria Maya restaurant. 

🍃L'initiative écotouristique

  • Local guides certified in biodiversity.
  • Respect of the nature and the animals. 
  • You will observe magnificent species of birds, in particular pink flamingos, while respecting a certain distance not to disturb them Small groups only 

Photos of the excursion

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