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Custom ecotours in the most unknown regions of Mexico

Who are we?

Lovers of México

We initially came here on vacation and became completely captivated by the country, the culture and warm hospitality, the indigenous towns and the diverse landscapes. So we decided to stay! 


Being a tad adventurous and decent explorers, we wandered the paths of Mexico just for you - to provide you with destinations not typically found on the Internet...

An itinerary for everyone

From the comfort-loving traveler to the more daring, we adapt to all budgets and all tastes. The goal is to experience the country in the best way possible. That's why at Mexikoo, we start with your budget to create a unique trip that is optimized and tailor-made. 

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Specializing in ecotourism in the heart of Mexico. We are dedicated to offering you a unique experience off the beaten path...

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